Essential Guide to Bitcoin Casino Conventions

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Bitcoin is the world’s best-known cryptocurrency, though not the first as many believe. It has been around since 2009 when it became available as an open source piece of software after being conceptualised the year before. It is still in a growth phase yet it is big enough to have developed enough interest for several conferences and expos to develop around the technology. Though there are few dedicated gaming conferences, some of the following are about gaming, while others are increasingly focusing on the growing relationship.

Bitcoin 4 iGaming

So far, just one event has taken place and that was in November 2014. It was considered the world’s largest Bitcoin convention / expo to date. Though no event took place in 2015, there remains the possibility that this was not a one off. It was designed to bring together the world of iGaming and the world of Bitcoin in order to forge understanding and dispel myths about the technology. It was hoped to achieve a greater uptake amongst iGame developers in using Bitcoin for in-app purchases. It took place at Royal Mint Court in London, 24th November 2014. This was the first dedicated conference specifically for Bitcoin and gaming.

Inside Bitcoins

This global conference has events throughout the year. Its present schedule includes Seoul (South Korea) and San Diego (USA) in December 2015, New York in April 2016 and Hong Kong in May 2016 with more scheduled throughout the year. Past events have included Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) and London. Each event has a range of workshops, an exhibitor hall, keynote and featured speakers, competitions and more. The event is aimed at professionals who may use or wish to use the technology. This includes bankers, credit providers, financial regulators, economists and lawyers, developers and gaming site professionals.

The Bitcoin Conference

Though a general Bitcoin conference focusing on many aspects of Bitcoin in the real and virtual world, gaming has become a big part of the cryptocurrency that the world’s largest Bitcoin expo – Bitcoin Conference – could not ignore gambling and gaming. At the last few events, there have been specific talks on the currency in online and offline gaming. In October 2015, the CEO of SoftSwiss spoke extensively about the risks and advantages of using Bitcoin, why the gaming industry is interested in Bitcoin and how the currency can protect sites and their customers.

ICE Gaming Expo

Though this annual event is actually a dedicated online gambling conference, the 2015 event focused much of its content on the use of Bitcoin in the industry and as a method of in-app purchases. Many of the talks centred on Bitcoin and the “provably fair” concept of online gambling. As this event gets bigger and more important in the world of online gaming and gambling, it is expected to become more influential in encouraging online gambling sites to take up Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Super Bitcoin

A conference / expo for gaming sites in Oklahoma, the purpose of S!BC is to forge strong links between gambling and Bitcoin. It recognised that there was a gap in the market in the state, the US and throughout the world (though as we have seen, the need for Bitcoin gaming events is growing). It claims to be the first of its kind for its size and small events like this are expected to grow in time and become pivotal to the success of Bitcoin in gaming once take up of the cryptocurrency begins to really take off.

Gaming Congress

This regular one-day conference covers all aspects of gaming on the international market. The 2015 event took place in Kazakhstan and its content focused on integration of Bitcoin into both online and offline gambling; the benefits of the cryptocurrency for online gaming are well understood, but there are benefits for offline casinos too. It has become the latest event to realise the potential of Bitcoin and many of its contemporaries and future events expect to focus increasingly on Bitcoin in the coming years.

Sports Betting & iGaming Asia

Asia is now one of the biggest markets for gaming and so naturally, it was inevitable that Bitcoin would become a large focus for the Expo. iGaming is big business throughout the world and there has been a big push for Apple developers to incorporate Bitcoin for online gambling and in-app purchases. This three-day conference in the Philippines took place in June and its final day had events dedicated purely to Bitcoin integration. The event’s future conferences are expected to continue developing and promoting the relationship between Bitcoin and developers.

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