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Conventions and expos are not just about the glitz and glamour of the casino industry. There are a number of large global events seeking to bring together those people and organisations that work in regulation. Laws and standards for state and privately operated facilities are also required to ensure that they are being run ethically and for the benefit of everyone. Here is an essential list.

ICE International Casino Conference

This international event is a one-day conference concerning many aspects of customer experience, particularly in regulation and innovation. In 2016, it takes place in early February (2nd) at the Excel Arena in London. Talks typically include discussions of consumer protection, effective reaction to illegal gambling and monitoring activities of organised criminals in the gaming and gambling industry. Many of these issues are overlooked by the general public in the modern world of gaming but they are just as important today to managers and legislators.

ICE World Regulatory Briefing

Also organised by ICE, the World Regulatory Briefing is one of the largest events of its kind examining and attempting to forge cohesion between the world’s regulatory bodies. As it is an international conference, it has talks on regulation from all over the world, not just national policy but policy between nations and international law. The 2016 event (Feb 2nd) discusses new regulations and the changing digital environment of the European Union as well as regulation between states in the US. The day finishes with country specific discussions.

ICE Cybercrime, Security and Regulatory Compliance in Gaming

The third relevant ICE conference takes place on 3rd February and concerns modern issues concerning cybercrime – hacking, data protection and regulation regarding security online. An important and growing issue as governments seek to deal with national and international regulation, it is a challenge to owners and managers to keep up with trends and protect their customer privacy. The 2016 agenda looks at the EU Digital Single Market in Europe, fraud prevention and international data protection laws.

World Regulatory Briefing Eastern Europe

This meeting is a one-day event that takes place in early December. The 2015 event was on 2nd December and the date for 2016 has yet to be announced. It covers most aspects of gaming in Eastern Europe, particularly regulation and management and adapting to the changing environment of the online market, sustainability and much more. Though it does focus on commercial aspects and responsible gaming, it is much more about regulation.

National Council of Legislators from Gaming States

The first conference of its kind in the year, the NCLGC takes place every year in early January. The 2016 event will be in Orlando, Florida. It is an annual meeting for legislators and decision makers to look at the impact of their actions and how they might move the industry forward, adapting to the changing environment while not damaging the core business of casinos. Events for 2016 include responsible gaming, whether fantasy sports should be considered gambling, how to boost tourism through legislation in gaming states and relations between Federal and State government.

California Gaming Law

Now in its second year, this conference brings together state legislators for California and Federal legislators to discuss current trends in gaming and how to evolve with the growing needs of the gaming industry. Increased competition from online gaming means that such a seminar is required annually; the casino and gaming industry is much faster paced today than it has ever been. The one day seminar covers illegal gaming, an update on litigation and a talk on regulation by the Indian Gaming Commission.

American Bar Annual National Institute on the Gaming Law Minefield

2016 will be the 20th year of operation and it is the largest event of its kind for legislators and legal professionals. It takes place in early February every-mid year with the 2016 event scheduled for 11th-12th Feb. It is a major discussion of regulatory, legal, and ethics of commercial, publicly owned and non-profit gaming, covering such subjects as internet gaming and global efforts to tackle corruption across the globe. Sponsored and attended by the International Masters of Gaming Law and National Indian Gaming Association.

Northwest Gaming Law Summit

This event has been running for 13 years and is concerned with legal education – educating those who wish to set up a casino, those who need and want to keep up with changes to legislation and regulation, and a great way for professionals in the northwest to meet and network. It takes place early in the year, in February in 2016 and most of the events for the upcoming event concern litigation and regulation. 2016 has some special events on marijuana use in Indian casinos and the efforts of the Obama administration to aid tribes set up and manage their own facilities.

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