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Online gaming and gambling has clearly outgrown its niche market and become an entertainment method in its own right, not just a part of bricks and mortar casinos. From the comfort of one’s own lounge, kitchen, garden or bedroom, anyone can play online poker, slot machines or roulette wheels. Online gaming presents unique issues regarding regulation and legislation, data security, standards and software management that there are now many dedicated online casino conventions and expos. Here is a comprehensive list, click on each one for more information and dates.

ICE Cross Platform & Multichannel gaming

iGaming North America

GiGse Totally Gaming

East Coast Gaming Congress & iGaming Institute

iGaming Entrepreneur Conference

Mobile and Tablet Gaming Summit Europe

Below are some of the lesser talked about online casino expos and conventions, which are still worth adding to your calendar!

International Online Gaming Law Forum

Laws concerning online gaming can be a complex minefield as national sovereignty is juggled with international regulation and standards. Online gaming, thanks to its rapid global expansion, is presently subject to much scrutiny due to the nature of it being border-free – anyone in the world may visit any site. This is why there is a need for a specific conference for gaming law and in 2016, the event concerns the EU landscape and regulation within the borders of Europe’s EU member states.

London Affiliate Conference

One of the largest events of its kind, it attracts over 3,000 people annually and they come from a broad spectrum of online gaming professionals. It claims a relaxed atmosphere for an environment of open conversation and discussion about the state of the industry today. Though it has seminars and talks and events, its main focus is on networking and discussion. There is an element of fun with this event too as there is an annual poker event and an evening party.

iGaming Asia Congress

The 2016 event takes place 21st-23rd March; it is the largest event of its kind in Asia and the Pacific area. Over ¾ of its attendees manage or own internet gaming businesses operating in the region. As the seminal conference event, it hosts talks on most subjects – from marketing to customer experience, to maximising enjoyment, regulation, online security and data protection and much more. The list of events for 2016 has yet to be compiled but as the largest event in Asia, it is bound to have subjects of interest to most delegates.

iGaming Forum

Scandinavia’s largest internet gaming conference launched in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing the ideal environment for online gaming sites to network and share ideas. The 2016 event will once again bring together affiliates, operators of online casinos and games as well as lottery managers. Also, expect to see providers of digital solutions and national and international regulators to discuss issues of concern to them in the environment of Scandinavia, for members and non-members of the EU. Date for 2016 is 13t-14th April.

Malta iGaming Seminar

2016 will be the event’s sixth year of operation; the dates have yet to be announced but it is likely to be mid-November, similar dates to the 2015 event (three days which started 16th November). As well as discussing the big issues for iGaming professionals (affiliates, operators, regulators and suppliers) there is expected to be a free-to-enter poker tournament, making the event fun as well as informative. All the usual aspects will be here, dealing with the past and future of internet gaming.

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